KAGE Media System

K - Kiosk

A - Advertising

G - Gaming

E - Entertainment

KAGE Media System is aimed at delivering turn key solutions to gaming and casino venues around the world. Incorporates a LAN and WAN based network to facilitate key business functions within a gaming venue.

K Linked Loyalty, Cashless, Venue Specific Information, Whats on Guides, Video Clips, Gaming information, Gaming. Sponsorship Slides, Text Information.

2008 Standard model kiosk catalogue

A Whats on Guides, Video Clips, Gaming information, Sponsorship Slides, Text Information, Television Programming

G LAN/WAN, linked Multiple Jackpot displays, Live Metered displays values overlayed via animation and grpahical content. Integrated Gaming Protocols, High Impact Gaming Sequences, Venue and game pulling power, topbox, plasma above bank machines, venue wide displays.

E Switches between local, free to air and PAY TV networks, gaming systems, keno, lotteries. Fully integrated scheduling system and content management. Provides monitoring and reporting tools of all networks. Integrated reports for cashless, gaming, advertising, loyalty programs, and secuirty systems.



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